Forever humbled and in awe of our beautiful home- to be celebrated not just today, but everyday.

Since our very inception, slow luxury is a way of life at the atelier. Feverish about producing only the most beautiful, what feels right on the inside, the absolute best in terms of quality and experience for you, our makers and in our gentlest, lightest treatment of the shared blue ball we get to call home..adamant on not diluting our unrelenting standards, neither for people nor for planet.

We delight on curating the most luxurious and sustainable experiences, every product artisanally handcrafted in micro batches, in-house, from start to finish.

We are constantly working towards circular systems and only work with materials that resonate with us on the inside and we feel good about using. They are ethically sourced organic, biodynamic, fair-trade, biodegradable, low impact, cruelty free and/or recycled, renewable or regenerative in a way that safeguards + benefits both people and planet.

As much as we love organic materials that come to us gift-wrapped from nature itself, we also adopt beautiful recycled materials and remnants that already exist. These are as cherished as our exquisite organics and help us give a second life to what is already in circulation.

Our supply chain does not end once the product is in your hands. We believe the end of our supply chain coincides with the end-of-life of the product and it is our collective responsibility to ensure that safe, conscious and circular end-of-life systems are in place.

Every garment we make is designed to last, to be used repeatedly and cared for as a companion for life through the mundane and the glimmering specials; ready to be passed on as a cherished heirloom, infused with the richness of lived life stories.

Once the time comes, we ensure the finished product and each individual component is biodegradable, recyclable or upcyclable to re-enter the supply chain or return to the earth as nutrition

We’re not perfect, nor are we claiming to be, but we ARE committed to continuing to learning and doing more to invest in the true luxury we are lucky to experience- our breathtaking biodiversity and wildlife. So much to share about this, beyond excited to reveal more as the months and years unfold.

For now I will share this with glee-

By 2025, the dream is for the atelier to be 100% solar powered. Luxury illuminated by the Sun, glimmers extending to microscopic corners of your Everyday and Ours, leaving sublime ripples of intentionality in their wake.

From Earth we come.. and to Earth we shall return.

Thank you for investing in, and most importantly,   understanding, supporting and celebrating our vision. You’re a part of the atelier.

Love, all of us at T.Berry xo

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