Illuminated by the Sun 

By 2025, the atelier will be fully powered by the Sun. All our design, manufacturing processes and care initiatives  towards People and Planet will be illuminated by solar energy.

1% and beyond for Skye

Responsible luxury, community welfare, ahimsa values and a resolute commitment to prioritise People and Planet have been foundational pillars of T.Berry since Day 1.

On behalf of Skye, Tanvi’s rescued puppy, we support The Paw Compass and Project Kindness Foundation each, two brilliant non-profit organisations in the Delhi NCR area, as part of T.Berry’s impact. 

T.Berry x The Paw Compass

1% from every sale goes to The Paw Compass.

Based in New Delhi, they not only take care of and feed over 275 street dogs everyday, but help rescue, foster + enable adoptions, medically treat and help spay/ neuter countless other community dogs and cats since over 19 years.

In addition to this, we contribute an additional fixed monthly amount towards The Paw Compass as part of our CSR, so we can do our bit in supporting the well-being of our community furries.

T.Berry x Project Kindness Foundation

Project Kindness Foundation is a non-profit organization registered under section 8 of the Indian Companies Act dedicated towards the rescue and rehabilitation of animals in need.

They work tirelessly to provide love, care and medical attention to abandoned, abused, injured or neglected animals, with the ultimate goal of finding forever homes for them.

Their passion for animal welfare ensures that every life they touch is treated with love, compassion, and excellence. Their exemplary everyday efforts show how we can tangibly create a brighter and safer future for our furry friends, together.

We contribute a monthly amount towards Project Kindness Foundation and their endeavours in caring for animals in need. 

Thank you for understanding, supporting and investing in our vision. We get to do this because of our wonderful T.Berry community i.e. You. 

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