Tanvi Berry

Founder and Creative Director

Born and brought up in New Delhi, India and armed with a BA Hons in Fashion Design + global industry experience, Tanvi firmly believes that fashion can be a force for good and as conscious consumers our buying habits are akin to votes i.e. where we choose to invest our money has the power to change the world.

Perpetually flitting between different sources of inspiration, you will often find her coming up with several ideas simultaneously- all of which will be in different stages of development.

She enjoys reading and in her spare time you will find her nose deep in topics ranging from art, science, culture to architecture, history and psychology.
Learning about new circular innovations and sustainable material discoveries are particularly exciting.

Tanvi loves to travel and learn about new places and cultures. Jacaranda trees are her favourite and a visit to the local botanical gardens is always a priority. 
An accomplished Bharatnatyam dancer, Tanvi has a Masters degree in the esteemed dance form.

Wish list :
1. A new paradigm where we re-think our consumption patterns.
2. A system where the workforce is valued + ethical conditions & fair wages for all.
3. Circular economy with brands taking responsibility for waste created.
4. Success measured in terms of equal parts profit and equal parts social + environmental empowerment.
5. Time machine to zip between different historical eras to collect firsthand inspiration.


Mr. Alim Ahmad

Pattern Cutter and Product Developer Extraordinaire

Originally from Amethi, Uttar Pradesh, Masterji started out as a tailor and worked his way up to being a talented Pattern Cutter. He came to Delhi in 1995 and has been living here ever since. A couple of years ago he went to Dubai to get specialised work experience for 3 years and has been working in the capital city ever since his return. He lives with his beautiful wife Suraiya Bano and their two children in Mehrauli. His wife lovingly prepares lunchboxes for him and is his biggest support system. In his own words, Masterji attributes his ability to balance his work and home life due to her presence. Acts of service is how they express their appreciation towards each other- whether it’s her cooking for him or Masterji taking care of the children when he’s home.

A devout man of faith, Masterji offers namaz five times a day and keeps the atelier in his heartfelt prayers, infusing it with good vibes. Open minded and well-dressed, he is a perfectionist and is often the first person to arrive in the morning.

Whether it’s a bespoke garment, face covering order or one of our lots to be given away within the community, Masterji makes every single product with the same amount of sincerity, precision and consideration.


Rwisumwi Basumatary

Atelier Assistant and Resident Marie Kondo

Rwisumwi Didi moved to New Delhi from Assam in 2006 and has been working in the city ever since. Her other family is back home in Assam and she visits them once or twice a year.
She is our very own Marie Kondo and thanks to her we have managed to set up operations in a small space efficiently. The only one who knows where all the trimmings and fastenings are kept, she keeps all our fabric remnants cross referenced by type and colour so we can streamline our zero waste + circular policies. A multi-tasking Goddess, she preps all our materials before they land on the cutting table and also helps with packing your orders. 
Rwisumwi Didi loves Karaoke and dressing up for photoshoots is one of her favourite things. 
You can often hear her humming Assamese and Hindi songs from the 90s which is why we rarely put on music while we work ! 

Md. Arif



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