For this Valentine's Day, we're sharing a thoughtfully curated gift guide by Tanvi, which features some personally loved and thoroughly vetted products that have been a part of her everyday since months, and some even years.

Every product is perfect for a treat for yourself or to love on someone special.

Happy discovering and love gift shopping! 💌

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The Blue Cocoon by May Lindstrom 

The Blue Cocoon has been one of the foundational pillars in alleviating and managing sensitivity in my moody, previously imbalanced acne prone skin.

Seeing such massive changes through one external product motivated me to make more holistic lifestyle changes which led to even more beautifully dramatic results.

365 days- summer or winter. I’m never without. No longer imbalanced, no longer severely acne prone. A little goes a long way and this seemingly tiny jar lasts me close to a year. 

This is what I use as a primer under makeup and it just glides on and stays beautifully hydrated through the night.

I also use the tiniest bit as a thin buffer to set up my sensitive skin for success under retinol and the results are beautiful.

This is a favourite in our house whenever someone has any skin upsets like mosquito bites or seasonal allergic rashes. 

Also doubles up as a soothing salve for post laser skin recovery, while using acid exfoliants or retinoids and I partake in all three.

The superhero of my skincare routine, if our organic ahimsa peace silk was a moisturiser it would be The Blue Cocoon.

Soleste Silk Blouse in Obsidian Grey by T.Berry 

Made to order to your unique body, Soleste is buttery soft..from Bar to Boudoir 

This is the most decadent silk blouse you’ll ever wear, handcrafted in our marshmallowy- velvety soft- sublime silk for an ultra sensorial experience, like the faintest caress of a feather against the skin.

Soleste is incredibly versatile and can be styled effortlessly for practically any occasion- formal or social.

Whether you stay in or step out for a sojourn, Soleste pairs well with our Obsidian Grey Runa Resort Pants, Siro Silk Shorts and looks equally beautiful tucked into your favourite pair of pants or denims. 

Pro Resilience Serum by Sachi Skin 


The perfect daytime serum and quiet hard worker of my morning routine.

This is what I use under SPF instead of a moisturiser because my skin hates moisturisers under SPF (I break out) but goes angry and tight when I skip it. The Pro Resilience Serum by Sachi Skin is the only thing my sensitive skin not only tolerates, but LOVES under SPF.

Watery light texture straight out of dreams, endless benefits in a single bottle.

Results compound over time. Think strengthening and repairing of your skin barrier, reduced redness + sensitivity under spf and makeup and evened, brightened, hydrated skin tone. Even the occasional breakout heals faster. So comforting I put it on my eyelids and lips too! 

Daily Acid Toner by Josh Rosebrook 

I like many Josh Rosebrook products but the Daily Acid Toner deserves a special mention. This is the turbo booster that I use 1-2 x per week, in conjunction with my retinoid.

As gentle as it is powerful, it is equal parts hydrating and exfoliating. Don’t expect this to leave your skin feeling squeaky bare as most exfoliants do. This will gently exfoliate any loose dead skin cells and leave your skin barrier plump, hydrated and beautifully smooth. This is pretty much the only AHA my skin likes and I only need it 1-2 times per week. It’s so gentle and effective, I can safely use it in conjunction with my retinoid.

The days I use this, my face is buttery soft and glows extra all day. Fades residual acne marks 4 x faster and facilitates deeper penetration + absorption of the rest of my skincare.

Even though it’s not the traditional way to use it, if I feel the onset of a new pimple, I dab a tiny amount of the DAT on it before bed. By morning it is smaller or sometimes even practically gone.

Go slow and see how many times to use per week. Build up to daily usage, if needed. 

The Melo Gift Set in Ivoire Perle by T.Berry

The most rejuvenating beauty sleep of your dreams with zero extra effort.

Our bestselling gift set which includes our signature Organic Ahimsa Peace Silk Pillowcase and Botanical Sleep Eye Pillow in Ivoire Perle, this marries well with all other products in this gift guide & takes a foundational place in practically every self care/ beauty/ wellness routine.

Designed to be a seamless extension of your skin and hair regimen, this botanically-bathed silk pillowcase and botanical eye pillow set is the quintessential way to incorporate rejuvenating self-care as part of your sleep routine.

Our exquisite silk pillowcases and sleep eye pillows  are made from our ultra luxurious, botanically dyed, organic ahimsa peace silk- the best in terms of both luxury and sustainability. 

Lipstick by Kjaer Weis

While I love and use many of Kirsten's products (hi Cream Foundation & Impossible Mascara!) her refillable, organic lipsticks are especially dreamy and honestly sublime as tokens of love.

Buttery smooth formula, long wearing moisture (mine stays easily for 10-12 hours) yet non greasy and gorgeous colours. The outer case is sexy, refillable and intended to serve you for life with easily available refills.

My favourites in their Pink Edit are Gracious & Blossoming, and Adore & Sucre from their Red Edit.

Handcrafted Mochi by Mochi Co

Based out of Mumbai, Mochi Co is an artisanal bakery that specialise in artisanal, handcrafted Mochi with a beautiful menu featuring vegan and egg-free options as well.

From their regular Stracciatella to Lotus Biscoff, they also offer decadent limited edition options ranging from a fruity Blueberry and Raspberry, a glorious French Vanilla Coffee to Yuzu Mochi and a romantic Dark Chocolate Strawberry.

Each box is an experience. Try it and thank me later.

Artisanal Cake Pops and Bento Cakes by Nuria’s Bakehouse 

Nuria’s Bakehouse is an award-winning micro bakery in New Delhi with an incredibly versatile baker at the helm.

Think artsy Bento Cakes, Chocolate Dipped Strawberry and Floral Boxes, Cakes infused with Lavender and Lemon Curd and Yogurt Breakfast Bowls.

They even offer dreamy vegan, eggless, gluten-free and processed sugar free options. 

Nuria’s Bakehouse make the best cake pops I’ve ever tasted, with the perfect balance between Dark and Milk chocolate. 

Everyday Essentials: 001 Multicolour Organic Ahimsa Peace Silk Scrunchies by T.Berry 


Designed to be a part of your everyday arsenal,
The 001 Scrunchie is our sleekest, barely there scrunchie for the days you want something discreet without compromise. 

Our sublime Silk Scrunchies are made using oragbi c, cruelty free ahimsa peace silk which has been artisanally dyed using responsibly grown and wild-crafted botanicals and low impact eco compliant dyes. 

Handcrafted at the atelier using GOTS certified organic cotton thread and our organic bio-elastic, especially selected to be gentle on hair. 


Cover photo: Rose by Daniel Haick

Disclaimer: Photo credits to the respective brands. We do not own any images. All views are personal and work beautifully as part of my personal routine. Please consult your dermatologist before incorporating anything new in your skincare routine. Whenever using acid exfoliants and retinoids, be extra diligent with sun protection in general and supremely careful with daily spf application and reapplication.

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