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The Tasting Menu

The perfect way to discover our botanically bathed silk scrunchies for the first time & to have a taste of each of our scrunchie sizes..

Get acquainted with them so that you can find your favourite or experience and incorporate the entire core collection in your hair care regimen.  

The Tasting Menu comes nestled in our signature gift sac, then encased in our beautiful gift box, making for a delightful little gifting experience for a loved one (or for yourself ! ) 

The Tasting Menu consists of : 

1 x 001 Thins, 1 x 002 Mid Sized and 1 x 003 Large Botanically bathed, Organic Peace Silk Scrunchies. 

Already have a favourite ? 

Our scrunchie sets and other hair care offerings can be found here

Our sublime silk scrunchies are made using our ultra luxurious, GOTS and Fair Trade certified Organic Peace Silk which has been artisanally dyed using responsibly grown and wild-crafted botanicals.

Handcrafted at the atelier using GOTS certified organic cotton thread and our special organic bio-elastic, especially selected to be gentle on hair. Our silk encased bio-elastic gently keeps hair in place without tugging or pulling, reducing friction and breakage.

Our botanically-bathed silk is 25 momme, the epitome of luxury and sustainability.

Hand-washable, Zero Waste, Cruelty Free and 100% Biodegradable.
Colour Options
Natural Ivoire Perlé (White) 

Botanically dyed Mauve Rose

Botanically dyed Obsidian Grey

Ebony Noir (Black) 
How to order
1. Add The Tasting Menu to your cart.

2. Choose from the available colour options.  If you’d like mixed colours, let us know which colour you prefer for each size in the checkout notes.

For ex:

Thin - Obsidian Grey 
Mid sized- Natural Ivoire Perlé
Large - Mauve Rose

We’re happy to make the entire set in the same colour or make mixed colours of your choosing, subject to availability.
Benefits of using Silk Scrunchies
Hair is extremely delicate and constant pressure or pulling via strong elastics can cause textural damage in the long run.

Breathtakingly soft, our silk scrunchies are beautifully gentle.

Regardless of your hair type and whether you prefer to wear your hair up or down, our silk scrunchies are designed to keep your hair in place without tugging or creasing.

The gossamer surface easily glides over your tresses which reduces stretching and pulling of the hair strands. This leads to fewer hair kinks and the reduced friction helps prevent hair breakage.

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