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The Melo Gift Set: Organic Ahimsa Peace Silk Pillowcase and Sleep Eye Pillow in Ebony Noir

The Melo Gift Set includes 1 x Organic Ahimsa Peace Silk Pillowcase and 1 x Botanical Sleep Eye Pillow in Ebony Noir

Designed to be a seamless extension of your skin and hair regimen, this botanically-bathed silk pillowcase and botanical eye pillow set is the quintessential way to incorporate rejuvenating self-care as part of your sleep routine.

Our exquisite silk pillowcases and sleep eye pillows  are made from our ultra luxurious, botanically dyed, 100% organic peace silk in 25 momme- the best in terms of both luxury and sustainability.

Each pillowcase & eye pillow comes nestled and protected in our signature fabric gift sac, which means you never have to worry about leaving your silk sleep set behind while travelling.

Featuring an envelope closure, our silk pillowcases are made-to-order in three sizes :

Standard 20 x 26" | Queen 20 x 30" | King 20 x 36"

For bespoke sizes such as Body Pillowcases, please get in touch with us and we will take care of you.
• 100% Organic Peace Silk (25 momme)
• Low impact GOTS compliant organic dyes
• GOTS and Fair-Trade certified
• Handcrafted in-house using GOTS certified organic cotton thread and signature bio-elastic 
• Envelope closure
• Available in Standard, Queen and King sizes
• Bespoke sizes available on request
• Zero-waste, Biodegradable and Cruelty-Free
Benefits of Sleeping on Silk
Revelled as a combination of a hair mask and face mask, silk pillowcases have been known to be wondrous for skin and hair since years. Breathtakingly soft and hypoallergenic, sleeping on silk is gentler for both skin and hair and can help in getting a better night's sleep.

Allowing your hair to glide across the gossamer surface without causing tangles, our silk pillowcases help prevent breakage, split ends and hair kinks by reducing friction.

Especially suitable for side and stomach sleepers and sensitive skin types, using a silk pillowcase may reduce breakouts as it leads to less irritation and leaves you feeling cooler through the night thanks to silk's temperature regulation qualities.

The term anti-ageing has been repeatedly associated with silk but we don’t like using this term. Ageing is a privilege and the passing years only accentuate one's inherent beauty. Instead, we prefer to use the words graceful ageing and our silk pillowcases facilitate exactly that. Our silk gently takes care of your gorgeous tresses and delicate facial skin, leading to less sleep lines and hair knots due to minimal friction.

Silk fibres have minimal absorbency which means less moisture will be drawn from your skin and hair. This helps keep your face oils and serums on your face, thus helping your skin retain hydration levels through the night, facilitating healthy skin cell turnover. This also translates to less frizz during the night, resulting in smoother hair in the morning keeping any beautiful hairstyling intact for longer.

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