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T.Berry Heatless Hair Curling Ahimsa Silk Set (Expanded Edition: 2 Curling Rods)

Our thoughtful styling approach for your holistic hair health

Introducing the T.Berry Heatless Hair Curling Silk Set. Artisanally handcrafted in-house from our ultra-luxurious, organically produced and fair-trade certified ahimsa peace silk and fair-trade, premium organic cotton fill. 

One of our most requested and much awaited products since months, this set is an easy and gentle way to create effortless, bouncy curls or mermaid waves without heat damage.

If you love frequent styling but want to simultaneously support and improve your hair health, this non-heat method is perfect for you.

Our smooth organic silk is buttery soft against hair, unlikely to create frizz and won't cause heat-related breakage.

More comfortable than regular hair rollers. Extra gentle on hair as compared to curling irons/tongs as it does not tug or require heat for styling. 

Designed to support and protect your natural hair health, shine and volume so that it looks beautiful regardless of how you choose to style it. 

Easy to use and suitable for all hair types, thicknesses and lengths.

Anti-frizz. Heat Free. Organic. Cruelty Free. Biodegradable. 

Set Contents: 

2 x Organic Peace Silk Curling Rods 
2 x Organic Peace Silk Scrunchies (003 Large) 
2 x Complimentary Organic Peace Silk Ribbons to secure curling rod in place at the top.
1 x Handcrafted Protective Gift Bag for storage

Choose between Two Set Options :

Expanded Heatless Hair Curling Set with 2 x Curling Rods (Includes an extra curling rod for more voluminous hair types)


Standard Heatless Hair Curling Set with 1 x Curling Rod

Artisanally handcrafted in-house at our New Delhi atelier from our ultra-luxurious, organically produced and fair-trade certified ahimsa peace silk and fair-trade, premium organic cotton fill.

Hand-dyed in micro-batches with low impact, eco dyes and stitched using certified organic cotton thread and our specialised bio-elastic.

100% cruelty free and biodegradable.

How to Use

1.Start with semi dry or dry hair.Use the silk ribbons or a claw clip (not included in set) to hold & secure the curler on top of the head.

2.Part hair in sections as desired.

3.Start from the top section closest to your hair part and gently wrap and twist hair sections around the curler, away from the face.

4.Gradually add and wrap more sections around the curler until you make your way down the entire length on both sides and all hair has been wrapped in your desired curl or wave pattern. This can take a few tries to understand & perfect.

5.Tie the ends of your hair with the organic silk scrunchies to secure in place. If using a claw clip, you can remove it at this point if it feels comfortable.

6.For best results, keep the curler in for atleast 4-6 hours. Curler can be left in overnight depending on personal preference + comfort levels when sleeping.

7.Gently unwrap hair and take the curler out once you’re ready, and enjoy the beautiful, bouncy texture.

Please note: You can use this silk curler on semi dry or dry hair but for best results we recommend using it on dry hair and leaving it in for a few hours so your hair can morph into the desired curl pattern. 

Care Recommendations
Recommended for use with clean hair.

Spot treat with silk friendly detergent.

If needed, gentle quick hand wash at 30° C or below with a delicate, silk-friendly detergent in cool water (not exceeding 30°C).

Do not scrub or soak.

After washing, gently squeeze out excess water. Avoid wringing / pulling / hanging with pegs.

Lay flat to air dry in shade, away from direct sunlight as prolonged exposure can damage delicate fabrics such as silk

Avoid using fabric conditioner. No machine wash. No tumble dry. Do not iron. Keep away from blow dryers or flame.

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