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Lumière de la Rose: Zero Waste Mulberry Silk Eye Pillow

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An indulgent treat for everyday self-care.

Consciously designed to elevate your sleep routine, our botanically-bathed, organic silk eye masks are beautifully lightweight. Akin to soothing cloud pillows, they're expertly handcrafted to block out light without adding any pressure on the head and delicate eye area. 

Our zero-waste silk eye masks are made using end of roll mulberry silks. 

We use an organic cotton filling between our sublime silk layers. Each exquisite eye mask is made-to-order, handcrafted at our atelier and stitched using certified organic cotton thread as well as our organic bio-elastic. Our special bio-elastic gently keeps the sleep mask in place without adding any pressure. 

The ideal wind-down companion, our silk eye masks facilitate the most restful sleep of your dreams.  

Each eye mask comes nestled in our signature gift sac which makes it the perfect travel accompaniment.

• Zero Waste, End of Roll Mulberry Silk
• GOTS certified Organic Cotton Filling
• Bespoke option to ensure the perfect fit
• Handcrafted in-house using GOTS certified cotton thread and Organic Bio-Elastic
• Hand-washable, Zero-Waste and 100% Biodegradable
Lumière de la Rose, Zero Waste Mulberry Silk.

This Sleep Eye Pillow is made from end-of-roll Mulberry Silk.

Our Organic Peace Silk Sleep Eye Pillows are available in other colours here.
Our XS-S is designed to comfortably fit petite-small faces and suitable for head circumferences measuring 21.5" and below.

Our M-L is excellent for medium-large faces and suitable for head circumferences measuring 22" and above.

To ensure the best fit:
1. Include the measurement of your head circumference in the check out notes as demonstrated in the sizing guide here.

2. Send us a front and side photo of your face alongside your order number to

If you're unsure about your size, please choose the bespoke sizing option and email us with your order number. We'll assist you to figure out the best size.
Benefits of using a Sleep Eye Pillow
We spend about one-third of our lives sleeping. The quality of our sleep matters as much as the quantity.

Our circadian rhythm, also known as our body's internal clock regulates our sleep-wake patterns.

Exposure to light plays a significant role in regulating this rhythm and helps our internal body clock to figure out whether it's time to be asleep or awake.

At night, if there is exposure to light then your circadian rhythm signals to the brain that it is time to be awake which disrupts the sleep cycle by suppressing important sleep promoting hormones like Melatonin.

Sleep Eye Masks promote better sleep by blocking light. In the absence of light, the brain send a signal to the body indicating it's time to rest. Using a comfortable eye mask as part of a soothing sleep routine has been known to facilitate better quality sleep.

Studies have shown that darker sleep settings leads to better REM sleep as well as elevated melatonin levels. Both have been linked to better, uninterrupted sleep and lower stress levels.

The darker it is, more melatonin is produced which internally signals to your brain that it is time to rest and pushes us toward deeper, better quality sleep.

In addition to regulating our melatonin levels, sleeping in complete darkness has several other health benefits that allow us to function optimally when awake. The better sleep we get, the better our brain can retain and process information and the better our body can repair itself and clear toxins.
Giving Back
5% of each sale goes towards supporting Adivasi Kalyan Samiti.

Adivasi Kalyan Samiti is one of our partner NGOs who directly work with artisans and their families towards community empowerment, healthcare and grassroot development via education and honing value-creating skills towards fair-trade livelihoods.
Our Organic Silk Satin is botanically dyed and our signature Organic Hammered Silk is dyed using GOTS certified low-impact dyes.

We are unable to accept returns on bespoke silk eye pillows. You can access our Returns Policy here.

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