A lot of you noticed and asked why we didn’t participate in Black Friday, Cyber Monday.

We pride ourselves on creating the most luxurious treats intentionally, with a People first Planet first stance, always. This means that we put you, our customers, our team and the planet first and foremost above everything else 🤎

E-commerce trends are off the charts and get crazier and crazier this time every year. There are countless emails, posts and stories flooding devices, encouraging people to buy, buy, buy. This can be overwhelming and can sometimes lead to us experiencing FOMO or feeling pressured into buying things we may not purchase otherwise. This personally didn’t feel good to us and we intentionally chose not to participate in Black Friday, Cyber Monday.

Even though our items are as sustainable and low impact as possible, we encourage mindful consumption. Every single piece is consciously made to order and the value and hard work that goes into them doesn’t change during Black Friday. It still takes the same amount of time, resources and hard work for our team to make and get them to you, even more so because of our small scale production. Discounting makes the perceived value of products lesser, which is not a true reflection of reality.

If you really need something and have been waiting to buy that during sale period, we understand and are 100% here for that. We know discounts are very appealing and helpful when you’re longing to get that item on your wish list but can’t justify the expense just yet.

As a small, independently funded business focussing on sustainable luxury, ( re: fair trade, circularity and small batch in-house production), we can’t afford to offer steep discounts like big conglomerates. In order to maintain our impeccable quality standards and ensure fair wages to everyone at every step of the production cycle, we simply don’t have the wiggle room for massive discounts because our products don’t have inflated margins.

The prices that you see are what it takes to curate the quality that you deserve and at the same time enable us to ensure that it’s sustainable to do so within the current capacities of our planet & pay wages on time to everyone involved in the supply chain.⠀⠀⠀

Heavily discounting our products would mean ignoring our ideals and compromising on certain aspects and we can’t do that. ⠀⠀

This is why we’re quietly hunkering down and doing what we do best - making our sublime silk treats in extremely small batches with the highest amount of quality and love that we can exude, to make sure you receive our best, as we’ve always done because anything less does not suffice.

Thank you for investing in us this weekend despite us not offering any special deals. There is no greater joy than knowing that you choose to spend your hard earned money on our offerings and understand + love our vision and products. It’s very humbling and at the same time incredibly empowering.⠀⠀⠀⠀

As an alternative, love-filled gesture we will be offering our token(s!) of gratitude and appreciation in a different way. No urgency based on time constraints or limited shopping windows. We want you to shop what you love and need whenever it feels right. On this note, get ready for more goodness soon, starting this week itself xoxo 

With Love,

Our small family at T.Berry xo

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